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The Neprinol Ingredients


Neprinol is a drug manufactured by the Arthur Andrew Medical Company in the USA and not a scam. The Neprinol AFD is especially used for the relief of body pain and reducing inflammation from injuries or arthritis and other joint diseases. There are three main Neprinol ingredients that you should know about: the serrapeptase, the nattokinase and the CO-Q10. Each of these has its own unique functions and purposes in the body and all these ingredients acting simultaneously relieve the body from various pains from inflammation due to accumulation of unwanted toxins (especially fibrin) in the body.



The CO-Q10 in an antioxidant and reduces heart stress and fights the cardio vascular free radicals. The CO-Q10 Neprinol ingredients among other functions help in the stimulation of the body metabolism to burn more fats and release more body energy and as such may be used in weight loss programs. It also lowers the pressure of the blood and prevents failure of the heart.


Serrapeptase modulates the body immunity system and breaks down all the fibrin accumulated within the body. It is also used as a pain reliever which has no toxic elements or effects in the body. It also reduces the inflammation and the pain from it. Serrapeptase is useful in plasmin activation which is the fibrin enzyme released naturally by our bodies. It also emulsifies and removes cholesterol deposits in the heart and in veins. It also attacks several viruses and kills them before they attack your body.


Nattokinase improves the general health of the heart structure and its components. It is also very useful in the whole body detoxification and increasing blood clotting factor. Other Neprinol ingredients include the bromelain, papain, amla, rutin and magnesium. They perform the same or similar functions to the ones performed by the already discussed three major ingredients. 

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