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 Neprinol and Brevail 
Neprinol and Fibroids
by Dr. Chris Serafini
As featured in "The Doctor's Prescription for Healthy Living"

The enzymes in Neprinol work swiftly to break apart fibroids, improve circulation, stimulate the immune system, and reduce inflammation. Neprinol's two foremost ingredients (Serrapeptase and Nattokinase) help remove fibroids by dissolving the fibrous part of the fibroid tumor. Clinical studies have shown that Serrapeptase and Nattokinase work fast and effectively to dissolve fibrin safely with no adverse side effects. Neprinol is extremely effective at removing toxins from the bloodstream, and then helping to pass the emulsified fibrous tissue. The fibroid softens over time relieving painful menstrual cramping and allowing a more comfortable period. Many women have noticed a smoother midsection as the fibroid begins to soften.  This process can take several months depending on the size and density of the fibroid itself.  Neprinol works equally as well for ovarian cysts and fibrocystic breast disease sufferers as well as on painful fibroadenomas.  Virtually all types of benign fibrous growths can be safely dissolved using Neprinol.  Neprinol is extremely effective at removing post surgical scar tissue and even softens the appearance of hard purple scars from C-section surgery.  Typically large amounts of waste material build up in the bloodstream as you begin to take Neprinol and are processed through the lymph system during the first few weeks of use.  This is typical as the fibrous material is released into the bloodstream to be excreted through the urine and bowel movements.  You may notice softened stool and pungent urine during the first few weeks using Neprinol as well as a thicker vaginal discharge. Waste material including arterial plaque buildup, and impurities are also removed during this period.  You may notice symptoms such as dry mouth, diarrhea, headache and nausea.  This is typical and is usually only temporary.  Consult a physician if symptoms occur longer than 14 days.  Typical dosage of Neprinol is between 3 - 4 pills 3 times a day.  Begin using 2 pills 3 times a day and gradually build to the desired dosage.  Much larger dosages can be safely used if the patient does not experience severe detox reactions.  Drink plenty of water to dilute the toxins in the blood and make sure to drink at least 8 ounces with each dose.  Neprinol may be taken with meals, but is much more potent on an empty stomach.     
Nattokinase an important component of Neprinol
Excessive fibrin not only manifests itself in the form of tumors, it is also responsible for increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Nattokinase has been clinically proven to enhance your body's ability to breakdown fibrin. Excess fibrin buildup in your system can lead to embolism, hypercoagulation, and stroke.  Not long ago researchers began to see a correlation between disease, excessive fibrin, and inflammation.   Fibrin and inflammation remain consistent among patients that have fibroids, arthritis, heart disease, and several other diseases.  Excess fibrin, and the body's inability to safely remove it, is associated with several health concerns. Fibrin is commonly becoming the leading cause for many conditions in modern medicine. It may seem hard to believe that Neprinol can benefit people with so many health concerns.  The correlation between our most common diseases is strong.  You will almost always find fibrin and inflammation at the source. Neprinol was formualted to break down fibrin, decrease inflammation, remove toxins, debris, and modulate the immune system. Neprinol's ingredients break down fibrin in three stages.
 Stage 1
The first stage is what we refer to as Enzymatic Detoxification. During this period your body is first introduced to enzymes. Neprinol will begin by thinning the blood and removing excessive toxicity that your body has built up.  Years of buildup on the inside of artery walls, as well as the mucosa of the colon and gastrointestinal system are stripped away and excreted.  During this period you may experience mild headaches, pungent urine, and softened stool or diarrhea.

Stage 2
During the second stage you will begin to increase your Neprinol dosage and start to really breakdown the fibrin.  We refer to this stage as the Therapeutic Stage.  You may still notice softer bowel movements during the Therapeutic Stage.  This is primarily due to the amount of fibrin being excreted through the bowels. The Therapeutic Stage can last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on your body's reaction to enzymes and the excessiveness of the fibrin. It is important to schedule regular doctor visits to measure your progress through ultrasound.  Your doctor will be able to tell you accurately if you are making progress.

Stage 3
When your fibroids are under control you need to start the third stage. This is called the Maintenance Dose and usually consists of a 1/2 or a 1/3 of the Therapeutic Dose. This stage is equally important as the second stage because it is where your goal is to keep your fibrin levels low and under control.  Neprinol is extremely cost effective at the maintenance stage. As little as one capsule, twice daily, can keep excessive fibrin from returning.  Other enzymes require at least three pills, three times a day.

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